An Additive Decomposition in Logarithmic Towers and Beyond

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We consider the additive decomposition problem in primitive towers and present an algorithm to decompose a function in a certain kind of primitive tower which we call S-primitive, as a sum of a derivative in the tower and a remainder which is minimal in some sense. Special instances of S-primitive towers include differential fields generated by finitely many logarithmic functions and logarithmic integrals. A function in an S-primitive tower is integrable in the tower if and only if the remainder is equal to zero. The additive decomposition is achieved by viewing our towers not as a traditional chain of extension fields, but rather as a direct sum of certain subrings. Furthermore, we can determine whether or not a function in an S-primitive tower has an elementary integral without the need to deal with differential equations explicitly. We also show that any logarithmic tower can be embedded into a particular extension where we can further decompose the given function. The extension is constructed using only differential field operations without introducing any new constants.



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